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5'x5' Flat EasyFabric

Regular price $255.00
The EasyFabric 5’ Flat Table Top Display may be our smallest trade show display, but it still makes an impact like it’s one of the big boys. This table top display showcases your brand’s design and logo on dye-sublimated fabric, stretched taut over the pop-up frame. The result? A vibrantly crisp and clear graphic free from glare, viewable from any distance and direction.

This table top pop-up display has optional LED lights that highlight your graphics, as well as an optional carrying case to protect your display during transport. The EasyFabric 5’ Flat Table Top is feature-packed and distinguishes itself with its convenient portability. It’s a testament to the notion that size isn’t everything.

Prior to travel, please check with your airline regarding baggage policies.


(1) 5'x5' Flat Pop-up Frame

(1) High-Resolution Dye-Sub Fabric Print


(2) LED Lights

(1) Half, Standard or Premium Case