Files Preparations

Read this carefully to ensure smooth and timely production of your project.

Exhibit Options will provide a low res PDF proof for approval on all jobs. However if color matching is critical a hard proof should be requested. Hard proofs will delay production. Please ask your Exhibit Consultant regarding the cost of a hard proof.


Minimum Resolution:

  • LIGHTJET -CMYK/RGB - 150 dpi minimum @ FINAL SIZE
  • INKJET -CMYK/RGB - 150 dpi minimum @ FINAL SIZE
  • JET I -CMYK - 100 dpi minimum @ FINAL SIZE

**Zoom in on all ORIGINAL files at 100% to check for quality and resolution**

Sending Artwork:
YouSendIt Drop Box (preferred method)

CD ROM, DVD ROM, DVD-R, or Memory Stick

Acceptable File Formats

  • Illustrator CS4 or below
  • Photoshop CS4 or below
  • InDesign CS4 or below
  • Quark 6.0 or below (not preferred)
  • PDF Format 7.0 or below

Photoshop and Illustrator files are preferred, as they are more suitable applications for large format printing. Art time will be charged if files need to be fixed or altered to meet guidelines. When sending files please be sure to include all supporting artwork files (fonts, linked images, etc.). Layer your Photoshop files for any color matches. If composing an image in Illustrator, PLACE (DO NOT EMBED) ALL Photoshop TIFF’s or EPS’s into Illustrator.

Regardless of how files are received, due to our printing software, all files must be converted to either TIFF or EPS format. Although we have the ability to convert most files, when using a layout program such as InDesign or Quark, we recommend that you export the file as an EPS or PDF at proper resolution beforehand to ensure quality and accuracy.


Fonts Specifications
Fonts must be converted to outlines. If fonts are not created to outlines, please provide Macintosh or TruType fonts

Orders without indication of Pantone colors, supplied hard proofs, or requested hard copy proofs are NOT guaranteed for color. If color matching is critical a hard proof must be requested. Hard proofs will delay production. PDF Proofs should not be used to evaluate color due to variations in monitors.

Photomurals | Pop Up Displays
Mural files must be built as one file. Please note when using Illustrator special effects such as glows, transparencies, or drop shadows are not recommended. These effects sometimes have unpredictable results. Photoshop is preferred when using these special effects for murals. Please note where panel breaks are located and try to minimize the amount of type that crosses over the panel breaks.

All graphics produced require specific bleeds. Below is a general guideline for bleeds. Photomural files – ¼” bleed on all four sides. Mounted Graphics – ¼” bleed on all four sides. Banner Stands – each product has specific bleeds. See product template for specific information.