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Outdoor signage, flags and displays are great for outdoor sporting events and arenas, concerts, festivals or to draw attention to any storefront. Outdoor display products are strong, solid, stable, wind-resistant and durable. Graphics are long-lasting and can endure exposure to outdoor elements.


Price Includes:
  • Outdoor banner stand
  • Hollow base can be filled with either water or sand as weighing agent
  • Easy grommet graphic attachment
  • One year warranty
  • Max width x min height: 40W x 49.5H
  • Min width x max height: 23.5W x 80H
  • Max width x max height: 40W x 74.5H
  • Min width x min height: 23.5W x 49.5H
Graphic Information 

 31.5”W x 70.75”H 


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