Formulate Serpentine Wall
Formulate Serpentine Wall

Formulate Serpentine Wall

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Whether you are looking to create a semi-private meeting area within a tradeshow exhibit, special event, or in an interior environment, Formulate tension fabric conference walls are lightweight, stylish solutions to your meeting space needs.

Ergonomically designed, Formulate C-shaped, Chip-shaped and Serpentine-shaped walls combine the latest developments in fabric printed technology with gently curved 50mm aluminum frames to create private, cozy and stylish conference areas within any space.

The Formulate Serpentine shaped wall connects two C-shaped structures to create a multipurpose, Serpentine shaped display. The Serpentine Wall is ideally used as a wall that separates two-mini conference and meeting areas. The Formulate Serpentine Wall is 7ft 8in tall and spans 22ft 10in wide-perfect for use in a large island space.

  • 2210W x 78H Serpentine Shaped Conference Wall/Divider
  • Fits in 2 OCE cases
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