Formulate Fusion Kit 04
Formulate Fusion Kit 04
Formulate Fusion Kit 04

Formulate Fusion Kit 04

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Formulate Fusion provides an unparalleled dynamic that elevates and accentuates a message and brand, but also maximizes the return on tradeshow investment. Formulate Fusion is a collection of 20ft by 20ft exhibit kits and custom solutions. A fusion of form, fabric and function, these kits combine organic and architectural shapes with state-of-the-art zipper pillowcase due-sublimated fabric graphics to create unique, dynamic and functional island spaces.
Fabric canopies and messaging areas are combined with a heavy-duty laminate-based tower and cabinets to create a space that provides three product display/demonstration stations and two seating areas. The layout of this exhibit fosters traffic flow within the space and provides real estate for demonstrations.
Formulate Fusion Kit 4 features an 18ft tall laminate panel tower connected to three 12ft long wave-shaped canopies. The tower features ample lockable storage space. Stemming from the three canopies are 10 1/2ft tall fabric and extrusion based messaging and product display walls, which are anchored to laminated, lockable cabinets. Graphic headers on the display walls are 4ft wide and provide the ideal space for branding or product information.
  • 20x20 Island display with graphics
  • 3 Fabric canopies and messaging areas
  • Heavy-duty laminate-based tower
  • 3 Product display/demonstration stations
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