Entasi 20ft Display
Entasi 20ft Display

Entasi 20ft Display

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Entasi is a one-of-a-kind fabric trade show booth solution combining the benefits of tension fabric with easy-to-use accessories for a stylish portable display. Entasi displays are designed to be assembled quickly and easily; that is why they come with the exclusive Quick Lock (QL) connector. QL connectors require no tools so set-up is always fast and simple.

The Entasi frames are constructed using 1.25 anodized 6063-T6 aluminum tubing. For convenience and quick assembly, the tubing is shock corded together so there is no need to sort and match up parts. Additionally, we rivet half the connector to the tubing to assure proper positioning and minimize the amount of loose parts. Entasi frames are extremely durable and lightweight. Every frame comes with simple but detailed instructions and can be set up in minutes.

The main graphic is produced on a wrinkle resistant, flame retardant fabric via an exclusive Photo Fabric dye sublimation process. By using a pillow case construction and our exclusive Clean Fit Backer, we eliminate shadowing and ensure a smooth and snug fit.


  • 8 x 20 Vertical curved frame
  • Graphic for 8 x 20 vertical curved frame
  • 2 - 36 x 96 Straight stand off
  • 2 - Top graphic for stand off
  • 2 - Lower graphic for stand off
  • 2 - 36 Straight stand off shelf
  • 2 - Interchangeable arm table
  • 2 - Large travel case
  • Vertical curved frame dimensions: 230.75W x 96H
  • Vertical curved frame weight: 40 lbs.
  • Vertical curved frame construction: Shock corded 1.25 anodized aluminum frame with hex wrench connectors
  • 35 Straight stand off shelf dimensions: 29.75 x 12
  • 35 Straight stand off weight: 5.5 lbs.
  • 35 Straight stand off load weight: 100 lbs.
  • Interchangeable arm table load weight: 20 lbs.
  • Large travel case is a black roto-molded case featuring handles, wheels and a removable lid
  • Inner dimensions: 53L x 25.5W x 10D
  • Outer dimensions: 55L x 27.5W x 11D
  • Large travel case weight: 34 lbs.
Graphic Info
  • Vertical curved graphic dimensions: 240L x 96H 
  • Vertical curved graphic weight: 14 lbs. 
  • Vertical curved graphic construction: Zippered pillow cased FR Photo Fabric graphic with clean fit backer
  • Stand off top graphic dimensions: 35.75L x 20H 
  • Stand off bottom graphic dimensions: 35.75L x 33.75H


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Vertical curved graphic PDF template
Stand off top graphic PDF template
Stand off bottom graphic PDF template

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