Why Including Too Much Technology Into Your Trade Show Display Can Do You A Disservice

Involving technology as part of your trade show equipment is an excellent idea to capture the attention of more attendees and get them involved in your display. There is such a thing, however, as having too much technology. Too much technology can be doing you a disservice in the way the attendees are consuming the information you are providing to them.

It may be easier to use the latest technology and equipment to help promote, and bring people to, your trade booth display. There is still something about having one on one time with every attendee you come across, however, and being able to explain to them your company’s objective.

Not Enough One On One Time

Although having multiple video displays and tablets on your display counters that open up to your website will bring in a significant amount of people around your booth, it will not offer the one on one communication that visitors need to become interested in your services. For attendees to want to sign up for your services and wait for a follow-up call from you, they will need to know specifics about your brand that only your personnel will be able to offer.

Can Take Away From Your Message

Too much technology may be taking away from your trade show exhibit and message, as it can be causing people to focus more on what technology you have, instead of the message that you are trying to convey. You want to have an interactive booth that includes some technology as well as human interaction, not a solely technology based booth. You also want to remember that you can’t just rely on technology to gather people around your display, you need to have well-trained personnel on hand as well. They will be the ones who will make the visitors stay at your booth, and learn the things that you can offer.

It Gets In The Way Of Your Product

Having too much technology can get in the way of the way people view your product and services. People attend trade shows to witness an experience they want; to see what other companies and brands have to offer that can be of use to them. If your booth is overcrowded with technology, chances are your booth visitors will be consumed with your surrounding, and they will pay little to no attention to what your product stands for.

Your booth should be all about your services and how they can benefit the attendees, so you should not have anything getting in the way of putting your message across to attendees. The focus should be finding attendees that want to know more about your company. Although technology can help with that, it can sometimes come between the process as well. When selecting the proper technology, choose items that will work well with your exhibition without overshadowing it. The technology you choose should somehow complement your business and help others learn more about your objective.

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