Why Customized Banners Are the Way to Go

You want your company’s trade show booth to be the most noticeable area at the event. That means you can’t decorate a trade show display that looks like all the other booths at the venue. Customized banners will help bring positive attention to your company, and increase the chances that you’ll stand out in the mind of customers long after the trade show is over.

In addition to making your trade show booth one of a kind, a customized banner can promote your brand accurately. The banner gives you a chance to properly introduce each of your products or themes in a way that is unforgettable to the customer. This is especially true when you use your logo, company pictures, and bright colors to represent your business.

Selecting The Right Banner

There are also several custom displays you can choose from when you’re creating a banner that is truly one of a kind. Consider how much display space you’re going to have as well as the type of products you’re displaying so you can create a banner that is both practical and attractive.

If you’re going to use the custom banner at more than one trade show, choose a display unit made of a sturdy metal like aluminum, or a material that is both durable and lightweight, such as plastic. Glass or wood are excellent frame choices if the customized banner will go in a showroom. Be sure to go with a material that adequately displays your company’s design and professional philosophy.

Use What You Have

Keep in mind that your customized banners can be created from pop-up displays you’ve used for previous trade shows or modular displays that you have on hand from other marketing demos. You can also make customized banners from table top displays or create a banner that wraps around your trade show table. Remember that all your banners don’t have to be the same size, and you can display them all around your trade show table to add texture and color to your advertising space.

Get “In Shape”

The shape of your banner is important as well. Most of the banners that you’ll see are rectangular, but you can create a banner in the shape of a triangle or circle to make sure that customers’ eyes are drawn to your trade show display. You can even make the shape part of your decorative theme by presenting marketing materials like magnets or pins in an eye-catching shape as well.

These are just a few of the ways that a customized banner at a trade show can help take your business to the next level. If you make your décor and signage unforgettable, there’s a good chance that attendees will remember you after the trade show is over and contact you to find out more about what you have to offer.

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