Why Backlit Displays Are Always a Great Idea

Now that you’ve come up with a great design scheme for your trade show booth, it’s time to find the perfect lighting so that the right aspects of your exhibit are displayed in a way that will get attendees interested in what you have to offer. Here are some of the reasons that adding backlights to your display will always work well.

Focus on the Right Things

When it comes to trade show signage, you want to make sure that attendees can see the wording and the images that you’ve worked so hard to put together. A large sign behind your trade show table that is accented with the right lighting is the ideal way to give attendees information about your company before you even have a chance to talk to customers face-to-face. The lights should be warm in color and not extremely bright so that the wording is easy to see and read for long periods of time.


Backlighting can also give your trade show exhibit a more professional feel, and you can even use this feature with trade show flooring. If you have large marketing items that are positioned next to or around your exhibit, lighting near the floor will bring more attention to these items. In addition, you can use the backlighting effect so that the focus is on the item while making your flooring look more attractive. Lighting can do wonders for giving attendees the impression that you are professional and prepared for marketing events.

Visual Appeal

The overall visual appeal of your trade show signage will be enhanced with the right backlighting. This is also a chance for you to show off your creative skills and increase brand recognition. For instance, if your main colors are blue and green, you can use softer variations of these shades in your lighting design to make sure that your marketing signs are the first things people see when they look in the direction of your booth. These colors can also give attendees the right type of impression about your company, since blue is a color that connotes security and expert skill, and green is a color that symbolizes prosperity and natural energy. Using the same color of lighting as the main color in your signage can make the wording stand out and is a subtle way to boost brand recognition when attendees see your logo outside of the trade show.

Great Impression

Finally, it’s a great idea to use backlighting for your trade show flooring and trade show signage because it gives an overall great impression. Lighting has a way of taking a decorative trade exhibit to the next level in terms of artistic creativity and can make a huge difference at a trade show booth that is minimally decorated. Something as simple as lighting can draw attendees to your booth. It also will increase the chances that these attendees will turn into long-term customers who are satisfied with your products and end up telling others about what you have to offer.

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