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Which Lighting Features Are Right for Your Trade Show Booth?

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Finding the best ways to showcase your trade show accessories is one of the most effective marketing tools you can implement, which means the right lighting is very important. However, you’ll need to find the right lighting to make your entire exhibit come together. Here are a few features to look for when you need lighting for items of various sizes at your trade show booth.


Flexible Neck Lighting


Light fixtures with a flexible neck make it easy for you to focus on various parts of your exhibit or products, especially if you’re performing a demo and want to bring an attendee’s attention to certain features. You can then move the light back, so you won’t strain the eyes of attendees when they stay at your booth for long periods of time. Flexible neck lighting comes in a variety of sizes, so you can clamp the light to certain banners or signage, so the wording can be seen clearly even before attendees get close to your booth.


Colored Bulbs


Bulbs that have a tint to them are part of the creative trade show materials you can use to make your exhibit appear more exciting. Light bulbs in the same color as your logo tend to work well when you want to increase brand recognition. You can even use a spotlight and stencils to display a replica of your logo on the floor of your exhibit. Lights that are light shades of red can make specific items at your booth more inviting, or you can use blue light to feature your best-selling products since this color gives attendees the impression you’re reliable.


Standing Lights


Standing lights are best when you have limited space and need one or two main lights to illuminate the entire booth. If the lighting is already bright in the trade show venue, lights in the same color as your branding or logo will make your table stand out. If the venue is slightly dim, one bright light and one soft light can still bring the right attention to your exhibit without the light being too harsh for attendees to look at for long periods of time. 


Telescoping Light


If you choose to have large lights in the corners of your trade show exhibit, you may also want to coordinate the way the lights flash with the music you’re playing at your booth. These lights can be mounted on the top of screens and monitors to make images and recorded content easier to see. These lighting varieties can bring more attention to the screen, so attendees will be drawn to the short commercial you’ve recorded or see themselves on the screen as you’re live streaming from your trade show exhibit. Small telescoping lights can also be positioned on the table where you offer promotional materials to bring more attention to the items attendees are taking with them. Literally shining a light on your logo and slogan will make it easier for potential customers to remember who you are after the trade show is over.


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