Which Colors Should You Use For Your Exhibit?

As you’re organizing your trade show display, it’s essential to choose the right colors for your marketing materials. The perfect hues can make your trade show exhibit stand out and give attendees unconscious impressions about your business that could turn them into consumers. Here are some of the color suggestions to keep in mind.


Talk to your event planners about adding blue accents to your trade show displays. Blue is a color that is used in professional settings often because it denotes reliability. Blue is also a calming color that can make people feel safe and at ease when they approach your booth. Choose a hue of blue that showcases the character of your company if you decide to use this color. For instance, cobalt blue is a great choice if your company’s “personality” is new and innovative, and a medium shade of blue may be appropriate if you’re offering a product that provides people with security for their families or businesses.


You can also work with your event coordinators to come up with a logo and marketing materials that are in shades of green. This is ideal if you’re selling a product that is environmentally friendly. Green is the color of nature and signifies growth, so you can also present your trade show materials in green if you’re offering a product that can help other businesses develop their resources. Again, stick with a bolder shade of green if you’re appealing to a more artistic or younger demographic. A neon shade of green looks great coupled with a neutral color like black or gray, and medium to light shades of green pair well with brown and tan hues.


Brown may seem like a plain or uneventful color, but it can make people feel warm and welcomed. If your company has a friendly vibe and you’re focused on customer service, brown could be a great color to use in your trade show displays. Your event coordinators can help you create brown table covers and backdrops, where you can feature a bolder color for your logo like orange or blue. Brown can also be appealing if you choose metallic shades of brown like bronze or dark gold. These can be used as accent colors, for the border of your brochures or table covers, for instance. These metallic hues also give your exhibit a regal and sophisticated touch.


Yellow is the color of excitement and can signal new opportunities. Yellow can be an overwhelming color, however, so use it sparingly. This color can also inspire happiness and an upbeat feeling in trade show attendees, so ask your event planners to use yellow in the font for your banner or as an accent color for some of your marketing materials.


If you’re selling edible items, orange is the way to go. Orange prompts people to feel hungry and has a bright feel to it that isn’t as overwhelming as red. The color is also friendly and enthusiastic, so you can send the message that your company is creative and ready to take on new clients. Use the color enough for it to be noticeable without overwhelming the eyes, and you may attract a considerable amount of leads before the trade show is over.

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