What Your Trade Show Exhibit Says About You

When you’re putting together a trade show, you should be aware of how your exhibit sends a message to everyone who passes by. The trade show materials you choose will help to characterize your company, and this could make or break your business when it comes to your trade show presence. Remember, the first impression you make will be long-lasting, and attendees are more likely to spread the word about your company if they are impressed with your booth. Here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to making a great impression.


Your trade show signage can give attendees a quick and accurate depiction of who you are as a business. The font you use can give potential customers the impression your business is refined and sophisticated. However,  the font can also give off a playful feel, so choose your designs carefully. The colors you use can also give attendees information about your business. If you want attendees to get the feeling you’re professional and trustworthy, shades of blue are ideal for your table cover or banner. If your company is committed to offering products that are made from healthy or eco-friendly materials, hues of green are ideal for your exhibit.

Team Members

Your team members are a part of your exhibit as well, and you should ensure you’re choosing the right individuals to distribute your trade show materials in a way that is effective and positive. Friendly and engaging team members make a lasting impression and let potential customers know you’re here to help and you’re confident in your products. The same is true for guaranteeing your employees are educated and familiar with your products, so they can answer any questions that potential customers may have. Team members who are well-dressed and presentable can make potential customers think your products are high-quality and worth the prices. You can even have an employee dress as the logo for your business, which comes in handy if you are appealing to a younger audience and want to make sure your booth is unforgettable.


The actual trade show equipment you use can make an impressive impression even before you get the chance to talk to an attendee. Use banners and table covers that are made from quality items so your booth will look presentable. Even if you’re using flexible materials or your booth is small, if you show you have pride in your company by making the exhibit as presentable as possible, attendees will feel the same. If you’re updating your materials, you may want to add features, such as metallic borders for your banners, to give your exhibit a more upscale look or brighten the colors of your font so attendees can see your booth from several feet away. Remember, a lot of nonverbal communication goes on at trade shows, so you want to guarantee potential customers have the right perception of your company before approaching your booth. This way, you can use customer service to confirm their positive impression of your business.

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