What you need to know about banners

Trade shows are a wonderful way to promote your company, but preparing for these events can be hectic. While you’re getting your trade show materials together and deciding on the design for your trade show booth, don’t forget that you need great signage as well. Here are a few things you should know about banners so that your trade show area will be the most appealing at your next marketing event.

Trade Show Booth Decor

Your team members should know that interacting with customers is the most important thing. People who visit your booth should be engaged and interested the entire time, so a decorative banner is a great idea. Choose a banner that matches the rest of the trade show décor and has features like sparkling letters or large print to reel customers in.

Name Tag Banners

These banners are used often at trade shows. The banner simply displays your logo, or you can add a slogan if it’s short and will help attract more customers.

Name tag banners are also a great way to ensure that your logo is displayed clearly for potential clients. The name tag design presents your company in a noticeable way and can help to increase brand awareness long after the trade show is over.

If your company is fairly new, it’s important to have a team member on hand who will answer customer questions about your services and products, since your logo and slogan may not be very recognizable yet.

Consider a Menu Banner

If your business offers lots of services and products, a menu-style banner is a great way to get customers’ attention. If you cater events or make flower arrangements or décor, a menu banner with a list of all the events your company does.

If you decide to display a menu banner, make sure that you leave the hard selling to your sales reps. Simply feature your products in an appealing light and encourage customers to contact you for more information.

Campaign Banners

There’s a very good chance that you’ll be attending a trade show during your company’s marketing campaign. This means you’ll want to reinforce your stellar customer service and showcase top-notch products at the trade show.

A campaign banner is an ideal choice, because you can choose one that covers most of your trade show display table. Adding materials like organic cotton if your company is environmentally friendly or silk if your business has a refined clientele will make the campaign banner stand out and enhance the customers’ sensory experience.

Item Promo Banners

Make sure you’re clear on the theme of the trade show so you can display a promo banner that will get the attention of attendees.

If you’re launching a product, your banner should include words like “greatest,” “latest,” “innovative,” and “new.”

Trade shows can definitely be a challenge, and you’ll likely need some time to recover after collecting leads and making sales. However, if you use the right trade show materials, such as banners, there’s a good chance your graphics can reel customers in, resulting in the growth of your business.

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