What to Look For in a Portable Trade Show Booth

Portable exhibits have several benefits, and if you have limited space for storage or go to trade shows often, you already know how these exhibits can come in handy. If you’re in the market for a new portable booth, here are a few things to consider.




Portable booths are known for being smaller than more traditional exhibit booths, which means the trade show accessories for these booths are also smaller. This could work to your advantage if you’re attending a trade show where your exhibit space is limited, or the venue is not especially large. Choose a portable booth that has features that are just as eye-catching and technologically advanced as larger exhibits, so you can make a great impression even if you don’t have much space.




When you have a portable trade show booth, you’ll likely have to use less storage space to house your trade show supplies when they’re not in use. This means you’ll have less storage space to rent at a facility, and you won’t have to take up so much room at your office storing your banners, signage, and tables. It’s best to choose materials that fold easily and don’t wrinkle or tear, so you can pull them out and get them ready for a show without having to take a lot of prep time. When you don’t have to pay a lot in storage fees, you may have more in your trade show budget to make your exhibit more elaborate, or to add screens and tablets to the display that make your trade show area more interactive without taking up too much space.




The design of the portable trade show booth should offer you a number of trade show solutions that make the booth easy to use. A foldable booth that can fit well in corners is a plus, especially when you’ve got a small amount of space to work with and want to make sure your table doesn’t look smaller than it actually is. When you’re materials fit well in a space, it gives a professional impression and lets attendees know you are prepared for the trade show and have the skills necessary to properly exhibit your products. Even if the booth is portable, design accents that are sure to get the attention of attendees are also a good idea, such as banners that are tall enough to reach the middle of the wall or a podium that is geometrically shaped.




It doesn’t take up too much additional space to fasten a tablet to your main podium as a way to collect leads or to show a product demo. Instead of a banner, you can use a large screen positioned behind your table to showcase your services or show a commercial about your product. If you have any space left over at your exhibit, you can also set up a small charging station for attendees, so they can recharge their own tablets and other mobile devices while learning more about your company.

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