What Information Should You Include On Your Hanging Sign?

A hanging sign can be a great marketing tool for your business at a trade show. In order to ensure that this promotional method is effective, you’ll need to include the right information on the sign. These suggestions can help you to make the most of a hanging sign at your next trade show.

Company Logo

The most updated and artistically appealing version of your company’s logo should be included on your hanging sign. This is the symbol that will likely grab the attention of customers first, even before they get close enough to your trade show booth to speak to you. Meet with your trade show labor team to make sure that the hanging sign isn’t too high and is positioned in a way that makes your logo evident, no matter where attendees are standing in the room.

Company Name

Even if you have a well-known logo that is easy to recognize, you should also include your full company name on the hanging sign. This is so that new trade show attendees will be drawn to your business. If you simply include your logo, there may be someone who will bypass your table because they don’t recognize your company or what you have to offer. Your events planner can help you select a hanging sign that looks great and is positioned perfectly at your trade show display. Your events planner can also let you know where to place your name on the sign and how large the font should be to get the attention of attendees.

Contact Info

Don’t forget to include your contact information on your hanging sign. Think about the contact information that is most important. For instance, if you’re going to a trade show where lots of technology companies will be present, it’s probably best to include your website. If you have a product that can be beneficial to the community, or you’ve gotten lots of great customer reviews, your social media handles should be featured on your hanging sign. If you’ve found that your customers prefer that you speak to them in person as much as possible, your phone number should be featured on the sign. Your events planner can assist you in coming up with a compelling design for your hanging sign that will be both effective and visually appealing.

Color Scheme Emphasis

Finally, remember that the colors you choose are very important when it comes to your hanging sign. If the sign has more than one piece or you want to feature certain colors, be sure to let the trade show labor team know this. Colors have the ability to grab the attention of an audience pretty quickly, and each color can evoke a certain emotion. You can use brighter colors for your hanging sign since the colors will be above the eyes and not glaring at attendees. Colors like blue and brown indicate expertise and honesty, hues of red and orange are symbols of excitement and hunger, and shades of yellow and green indicate happiness and growth. Use these color connotations to create a hanging sign that could make you a trade show favorite.

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