What Happens When Your Booth is Like Another Brands?

You’ve spent months planning, designing, budgeting for, and customizing your exhibit for your next trade show. You know it’s an important opportunity for your business. You arrive and start setting up your kiosks, banners, fabric pop up displays, and other elements. Then, you notice another booth that looks eerily like yours. At an event where your primary objective is to stand out and make an impression, this is your worst nightmare. What do you do? Here are a few ideas:

Prepare a Backup Plan Ahead of Time

You may have a standard booth set up, but it’s also a good idea to have some alternative ideas, too. Fabric pop up displays are easy items to customize. You can have a few backups ready to go in the case of an emergency. The same is true with hanging banners. Your trade show accessories and handout freebies are also easy items to swap out with a set of extras if needed. Just make sure that all your alternatives are on-brand and still come together to form a cohesive look.

Rely on Your Staff’s Personality

It’s not just signage that gives your booth flavor and uniqueness. One thing you can truly guarantee no other booth will have is your staff. When you’re deciding which staff members to have at your booth, consider their ability to be enthusiastic about your company, to engage people in meaningful conversation, and to leave a lasting and unique impression. This is something you’ll be able to rely on regardless of whether your imaging can stand out on its own.

Hire Labor That Can Improvise During Set Up

Installing a trade show exhibit is quite a job, and many companies choose to hire a specialized labor crew to take care of the heavy lifting and the setup so they can focus on getting their trade show accessories in order. When you’re looking for an installation crew, look for a company that has the resources and the ability to help you improvise with last-minute fabrications.

Steer into the Skid

If another exhibitor’s booth ends up with a surprisingly similar design, and you don’t have a way to improvise and make your imaging stand out, don’t ignore it. The customers and colleagues you’re networking with are people, too, and they have a sense of humor, so use it as an opportunity to show off yours. Take some pictures with the other booth and have fun with it on social media, or joke about it with your connections who have noticed the similarity, too.

Trade shows are important opportunities to showcase your company and make a name for yourself in your industry, and if it turns out that someone else had the same idea of how to “stand out” as you, it can feel like you’ve lost your opportunity. But, rest assured, there are still plenty of ways to capitalize on the trade show, and the above tips can help you stand out no matter what the other exhibitors choose to do.

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