Ways to Make Your Trade Show Booth Original

Whether you’ve been going to trade shows for the past few years or you’re preparing to go the trade show for the first time, you need to find ways to make your booth one of a kind. A trade show exhibit is an effective marketing tool because it gives attendees an impression of your booth before you even get the chance to greet them or explain the nature of your business. If you’re ready to get creative with your kiosks, here are some factors to keep in mind.


Music is one of the best ways to make sure that your trade show booth is completely original. When potential customers come to your booth, you want them to get an accurate impression of your company’s culture. For instance, if your products are made from natural ingredients, soothing music or nature sounds will help to relax attendees. You can even use an oil diffuser with soothing oils, such as lavender or chamomile, that will immediately make attendees feel at ease when they approach your booth. If your company is known for its upbeat nature, Top 40 hits can be played at your booth to attract a younger crowd.

Bright Colors

If you see the banner stands at the trade show venue are filled with muted or neutral colors, make your booth more noticeable with bright hues. Neon or variations of jewel tones are great when you want to show attendees that what you have to offer is exciting or elegant. Combining these attention-getting colors with muted shades also brings balance to your display and ensures that attendees can look at your signage for long periods of time.

Prize Area

Set up a prize area next to your trade show counters so you can motivate attendees to stay for a while and learn more about what you have to offer. You can also have a raffle and announce the winners each hour during the trade show. This will encourage potential customers to keep checking in at your booth to see if they have won. You can also display some of the prizes that guests have won in the past to show attendees what you have to offer, along with a tablet or laptop where attendees can fill out their contact information for the raffle and future marketing efforts.

Charging Station

Finally, remember to add practical items, such as a charging station, to your trade show portable booth. This will likely be an attraction for attendees who have been at the show all day and are working on devices with limited battery power. If you can use your company service or a portable Wi-Fi system in the trade show venue, this will make your exhibit more appealing as well, especially if it’s difficult to get Wi-Fi in other parts of the building. Decorate the charging station with your logo and the colors that are associated with your company to increase brand recognition while attendees use the station and develop a positive perception of your business.

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