Using Graphics for Your Next Trade Show

As you’re getting your trade show materials together, you may be considering using graphics to attract attendees and bring more attention to your products and services. Graphics not only help you to showcase what you have to offer but can show your audience that you are aware of technology trends and are always open to effective and innovative ideas. Here are a few tips for using graphics successfully at an upcoming trade show.


Use Large Graphics


The font you use with your graphics and on your trade show displays should be large enough for attendees to see it from several feet away. However, your graphics need to be life-size when possible to make your overall trade show exhibit more exciting. If potential customers can see your graphics from at least 10 feet away, there’s a good chance they will come to your booth to ask questions about your products.


Choose the Right Graphics


Think about the type of images you want to portray as you’re putting together your trade show supplies. If you want to send the message that your company has products that help people make the most of their time and stay organized, show graphics of people doing things they enjoy, like spending time with family or relaxing on the beach. If you want people to focus on your actual product, use a large graphic of what you’re selling with a diagram of its parts. This also lets attendees know that your company is proud of what you’re offering and that you’re prepared to provide details that customers may want to know. The same is true if you’re selling food items. Use graphics to detail all the ingredients in your products so that customers see that you’re transparent and are committed to providing quality on every level.


Use Wording as Graphics


You can also make your marketing messages into graphics, which could make the information easier for attendees to remember. You can post signs above your trade show furniture with your website and social media information. You can also work with a creative company to have your furniture wrapped in graphics that showcase your business. Use font that is easy to read but apply bright colors and arrange the letters in a way that is exciting to the eyes. You can also do this with your company logo to increase brand recognition. Remember that color is important as well, and because the words are the actual graphics, colors that send a psychological message help to get your promotional point across. For instance, blue lets attendees know they can trust what you’re offering, red makes people passionate about your product, and orange promotes hunger for the product.


Be sure to test the graphics out before the trade show so you know exactly how they will look before the event. This will also give you the chance to make any necessary adjustments in case you want certain parts of the design to stand out more.

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