Update Your Booth With These Simple Tips

If you’ve been attending trade shows fairly often and want to make sure that you’re giving attendees something great to look at each time you go to a marketing event, it may be time to make some minor adjustments to your trade show booths. Here are a few simple ways to upgrade the look of your booth and make a great impression on those who pass by.

Get New Table Throws

One of the simplest and most effective ways to update your trade show booth is to get a new table throw or two. Table throws make a big difference in the way your exhibit looks. When you get a new throw that is in a new color or displays your logo, you can draw potential customers during the trade show. Table throws that are made from shinier materials can also update the look of your trade show booth and make the entire exhibit look a little more upscale. It’s a good idea to choose the darkest or deepest colors in your marketing design and use this hue to make the table throw since this makes the exhibit look more sophisticated.

Upgrade with Color

Your trade show kiosks will look especially appealing if you upgrade your materials with a fresh, new color. If your logo includes mostly neutral shades, you can add one bright color to update the marketing materials that you use for trade shows. When you use color, you should also be aware of the impression that each color gives. For instance, yellow is a hue that gives people the impression that your business is friendly and willing to help others. However, if you use too much of the color for your kiosks, it can be a strain to look at for long periods of time. Pairing the yellow with shades of brown and beige makes the color less intense and sends the message that you’re both artistic and professional.

Update Your Logo

If you don’t have many trade show materials to decorate your table or booth, you can update your logo to make your exhibit more appealing without spending too much money. Of course, this is a practical solution if you have a graphic designer who works in-house or if you’re making only minor changes to your logo. An upgrade in color can draw more attention to your booth and can even attract a new demographic. For instance, if you use jewel tones and focus more on clients who have a refined sense of style, adding one color that is slightly brighter could appeal to younger clients who could also benefit from your services.

Add Technology

Finally, add technology to your kiosks. You can do this by putting a tablet on your table and making it interactive for attendees. Have them input their contact information or take a short survey on the tablet, or use it to display an interactive demo of your product. The demo can also be displayed on a larger monitor at your trade show booth. This small adjustment can make it easier for customers to remember your products and increase the chances that they will contact you after the show to learn more about what you have to offer.

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