Trade Show Seating Tips

The design of your trade show booth makes a huge difference in how welcoming and professional your space looks. When it comes to seating, you’ll need to make sure you are making the right design choices so that your kiosks are both practical and fashionable. Here are some suggestions that will make your trade show exhibit memorable.


Face the Audience”

Remember that the counters and tables for your trade show should always face the attendees. This shows that you want people to come over to you and find out more about your company. Be sure that you tell your team members not to sit with their backs to the attendees, and position your table so that you are fully facing customer traffic.


Comfortable Chairs

Keep in mind that your team will likely be at the trade show all day, so they may need comfortable seating while they’re interacting with customers. This is especially the case if you have samples and demonstrations that will take a few minutes for each attendee to complete. If your team members have to sit down to explain certain products or services in detail, they should be comfortable so that they can focus on customers. The chairs should also be comfortable for attendees who are filling out their information or talking to your team members about the ways your product or service can be helpful.



The style of your chairs should also match the overall design of your trade show materials. Choose chairs that are the same color as your table covers or chairs that go well with one or more of the colors you’ve chosen for your banners. Think about the overall impression you want to give clients when it comes to visual appeal as well. If your company is fun and family-friendly, chairs in a bright color or chairs made from stain-resistant materials are a great choice. If you want attendees to get the feeling that your company sells elegant and high-quality products, chairs that are finished in lush fabrics are ideal. Even if your company doesn’t sell chairs, the trade show furniture that you choose could help to make your space more appealing and help make your marketing space more appealing to attendees.


Overall Appeal

Of course, you can also make your seating part of the décor and use it as a marketing tool. Including your logo on the seat or back of the chair to increase brand recognition and to make your logo easy to see from across the room. If you’re livestreaming the event or you’ll be encouraging attendees to take lots of pictures, your seating could take the form of a throne or a fancy chaise so that you can take a photograph of attendees who have won a prize from your company. If you properly invest in the seating for your trade show, you can use the chairs over and over and use your seating items to help make a name for yourself in the trade show arena.


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