Trade Show Displays That Pop

As you’re gathering your marketing materials, promo items and décor for your upcoming trade show, it’s important not to forget that the main display at your table should be one of your most effective marketing tools. A trade show display that is colorful, professionally done and informative could help you turn attendees into long-term clients. These customers can, in turn, inform others about your products and services to make your business even more successful.

Here are a few tips to make sure your trade show display is one of the best at the show.

Expert Artwork

Whether you choose a pop-up display or a large backdrop for your trade show booth, make sure that the artwork is visually impressive. Team up with graphic artists who have trade shown experience, so you can be sure that the colors and shading on your artwork are consistent with the characteristics your business wants to portray.

Artwork that features your best-selling product or your logo can give attendees more insight into your business. You can also feature photos of team members or satisfied customers (with the permission of the customers) on your displays to make your company more relatable and appealing to attendees.


The right lighting can do wonders when it comes to making your trade show exhibit stand out. If you’re doing product demos at your booth, showcase lighting around your products will draw the customers to your booth. Lighting at your actual table can bring more attention to your promotional items or highlight the fact that you’re having a free drawing or giveaway. In general, it’s important to make sure that the lighting around your table is bright enough for customers to notice your booth, but not too bright that it’s overwhelming or uncomfortable for attendees and team members.


Use technology to your advantage when you’re designing your trade show table. Showcase a tablet or monitor that customers can use to see how your product works. Draw attention to a camera or wireless device that you’re using to live stream the trade show, so that attendees can give interviews or live reviews about your booth, services and products. This is a great way to advertise to social media followers who are interested in your company but aren’t able to attend the trade show. Your actual display or backdrop can also include technology, such as animated demos of your products with coordinating music.


To make your trade show exhibit one of the ones that stand out, make sure your décor and materials are coordinated. Your table covers should include the same colors as your backdrop, and all your marketing materials should feature the same logo and slogan. It’s also a good idea to feature your social media information on your table cover and marketing materials as well. This will encourage attendees to interact with you after the trade show is over.

Of course, ensuring that your team members have a friendly disposition is essential as well. While your props and booth decorations make a difference in the way that your company is perceived, the way you interact with customers will make an unforgettable impression that could lead to repeat business for your company.

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