Trade Show Counter and Table Throw Options

Making a memorable impression at a trade show depends on a number of factors. But your trade show counter is one of the most important aspects of this event. Being original and creative while still maintaining professionalism can make your trade show counter one of the most popular destinations at your next marketing event. Table throws are another important part of exhibits that can make your booth more decorative and inviting, as well. These seemingly small accessories can actually make a huge difference in the way your exhibit looks.


Counter Shape and Accessories


Depending on the type of trade show flooring you have and the amount of space you’re afforded at the trade show venue, the shape of your trade show counter can make a big decorative impact on the way your entire exhibit comes together. A round or half-circle counter can make it easier to seat attendees if you have a product demo to share, since it makes it easier to see the demo clearly. Counters that have smaller tables attached to them are a great idea if you want a separate space for attendees to fill out their contact information, or if you’re creating a small charging station for guests to use while they read over your marketing materials. Podium-style counters are best if you’re giving a verbal presentation. If you also have white papers or promotional materials to give out, be sure that the podium is large enough to house all your materials without making the space appear too cluttered.




The colors that you use for your table throws and counters can help attendees to form opinions about your trade show booth and your company even before they get close enough to the table to speak with you. It’s a good idea to make your table throw the brightest decorative item of your exhibit, then use metallic or neutral colors to bring balance to your booth. For instance, if you have software that you want to display, choose the brightest hue in your logo and use this for the table throw. If the rest of your promo materials have your logo written in a metallic shade, or if you choose to use a lighter version of the bright color for your marketing items, this makes it easier to be at the booth for long periods of time without straining the eyes. Colors like red, orange and yellow are warm and appealing, but these colors shouldn’t be extremely vivid; medium or light shades of these hues are particularly inviting and don’t come across as intimidating. Shades of blue, purple and green are on the cooler side of the color wheel and can signify growth, reliability and exclusivity. You can afford to go a little brighter with these hues in most cases.


Table Throw Accents


Finally, make sure that you have original accents for your table throws. You can have your logo or company name embroidered on the table throw, which will immediately make it one of a kind.  Consider adding a decorative border or customizing the table throw with a combination of fabric swatches that complement the main color of the fabric. A table throw made of elegant material like velvet or silk can help to make your products appear more refined and sophisticated.

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