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Three Ways to Boost Your Company's Trade Show Attendance

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The big trade show is coming up for your business, but last year maybe the number of attendees at your booth weren’t quite what you had hoped for. It happens to the best of companies – sometimes your message is a bit off, sometimes you get stuck with a less-than-desirable location on the floor, and sometimes you forget to let your customers even know you’ll be there. From your friends at Exhibit Wholesale, here are three easy, cost-effective ways to ensure that your potential customers and clients discover your exhibit at the trade show.

A Sturdy Email and Social Media Campaign

Okay, this is perhaps the most obvious answer. But it’s also the easiest and most cost-effective method of spreading the word about your attendance at the next show. Gather up your contacts and create a gripping and personalized email campaign that hints at upcoming updates to your product line-up, and engage with your followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, letting them know of our upcoming event. Even if your follower count is low, the better you interact with the ones you have, the more word-of-mouth will spread. Start unique hashtags and get people excited for your trade show appearance.

Advertise on Your Homepage

Another simple way to let people know about your trade show exhibit is to advertise it on your own website. But not just the website: make a landing page on the front page letting people know of your trade show appearance the moment they visit your site. If you know where your booth will be on the floor, give them the exact location. Point an arrow at a map of the floor if you must. Let people know when product demonstrations will be held, or if there are any raffles or prizes to be won for attending. If you have the budget for contests, of course.

Post-Visit Follow Up

This one is related to your email campaign. Naturally, whenever you hold a trade show, your goal should be to gather information and potential sale leads. In a busy trade show environment, however, it can be easy for your visitors to forget details about specific companies. Immediately after the trade show and just before the next one, send a personalized email to those contacts who shared their contact information with you. If your product and message attracted them once, it should attract them again, especially if you have more to offer.

Here at Exhibit Wholesale, we’re dedicated to help our clients find success at their most crucial moments: on the convention floor, amid the crowd. From display accessories to custom graphics, we can help you assemble an exhibit worth visiting! Contact us today for more information.


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