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Three Exciting Trade Show Trends in 2018

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Three Exciting Trade Show Trends in 2018

According to a recent study from Bizzabo, event marketers plan on investing more in live trade show events in both budget (63%) and number of events (63%). This means more competition from both competitors and their trade show exhibits. Standing out from the crowd is important if you want to attract potential clients and partners, and Exhibit Wholesale knows just how to make your exhibit do just that. Here are three of the most exciting trade show trends that we’ve seen thus far in 2018 that can help you make a lasting impression.

  1. Contextual designs

Unfortunately, trade show booths covered in marketing language is looking amateurish in most major trade show events. More and more, brands are moving away from traditional trade show exhibit designs and innovating towards more interactive and interesting booths that draw in those seeking the unexpected. Using technology and art to draw people in and introduce them to a unique message is what makes trade shows more and more exciting to attend, and the average attendee is starting to expect it.

  1. More personalized experiences

In combination with a contextual design, demand for personalization in show exhibits is skyrocketing. For trade show attendees, it’s more than wanting to be sold something: they want to experience something at a show they’ll remember. People don’t come to a show to see the same ads they see online, but they come to participate. Play games and giveaways, let attendees create something. Make it unique.

  1. A focus on entertainment

A trade show exhibit can be so much more than a sales floor. Don’t be afraid to have fun with your trade show booth; attendees will remember you for it! Invite guests to star in their own game show or talk show and share the video (with the attendee’s permission) on your social media. Entertainment will mean people stick around longer and converse with your sales team more. Trade shows are about business, true, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a bit of fun on the way.

Rely on Exhibit Wholesale for your next event and we will create a trade show exhibit that will amaze all who attend! From pop-ups to portable and modular exhibits, we have the equipment and the technology you’ve been searching for. Contact us today for more information.


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