The Best Display Accessories For Your Trade Show Booth

If you attend trade shows often, you know that an exciting display is one of the best ways to get attendees to come to your booth long enough to find out more about your business. This is why you need trade show accessories that will make your exhibit stand out. Here are a few accessories you may want to think about adding to your exhibit.


A prize wheel is one of the trade show supplies that you need if you have lots of promotional materials to give attendees. You can also choose from a variety of prize wheels that are large or small enough to match your exhibit, and this can make it more fun for attendees to play games and win contests. While you can have standard promotional items that you give to every potential customer who comes to your exhibit, you can make the prize wheel even more appealing by offering special items for those who participate in the game. There are also electronic prize wheels that light up and online prize wheels that you can download for customers to use if you have limited space.


A roll-up literature display is another efficient way to inform attendees about your business. You and your team can determine which images need to be included in the display before finding a stand that will fit around the counters or small tables you’re using for the trade show. For instance, the pictures can tell the story of how your company was founded, or you can use the display to provide all the contact information attendees need to get in touch with you after the trade show.


A pop-up demo stand is another practical accessory, since it doesn’t take up too much room and can offer a separate space for you to showcase your product while other team members talk to attendees and answer questions. You can choose a stand that matches the colors of your logo or slogan, or you can go with a black or white stand depending on your table colors to make sure that your entire exhibit looks uniform.


Display cases can also come in handy when you’re setting up and breaking down your kiosks. There are special cases that are insulated to ensure your banners and signs don’t fade, and the wording stays intact. You can also fold small tables or stands and place them in the cases for easy storage, especially if you take the items back to your office instead of a storage facility.


Don’t forget to include things, such as folding chairs and a small folding table, for attendees, especially if you only have a small amount of space. These items allow customers to comfortably fill out surveys or lead sheets, and you can even get seats in different colors, so your team members will know which attendees are interested in purchasing, which have won prizes, and which have questions before making a purchase. These items are also easy to store and can make your exhibit appear more inviting.

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