The table top decorations for your trade show exhibit should be as effective for marketing your products as written materials or digital commercials. If you want a table display to accentuate the rest of your trade show furniture, here are some suggestions for making sure this part of the décor is visually appealing.

Choose the Right Displays

Choose table top displays for your trade show kiosks that fit the theme of your brand and are noticeable when shown with the rest of your marketing materials. A smaller table calls for a briefcase-style display, while larger tables can handle modular table displays with attention-getting graphics.

Pick the Right Shape

It may be best to use table top displays that have an attention-getting shape. Square or rectangular signs are pretty standard, so a triangular or complex geometric shape can bring more attendees to your booth. The display shouldn’t take up all the space on the table, but it should be noticeable enough so that attendees can see a small summary of your business.

When you’re putting together a table top display, make sure that you can ship the sign if need be. You may have to ship the sign ahead of time to make sure it gets to the trade show site before you have to set up your booth. If the trade show is local, talk to your team to make sure that your team can get all the trade show materials to the show safely.

Pick the Right Colors

Choose the right colors for your trade show kiosks, then choose table displays that coordinate with the overall scheme. Your displays should be in a bold color that fits with your brand, and certain hues may draw customers to your booth. For example, shades of red make customers excited and grab their attention quickly. Blue is a color that denotes trustworthiness and may give potential attendees the impression that your company is an expert in your field. Green is an ideal color if your products are natural or organic.

Make the Table Clutter-Free

Don’t allow the table display to overwhelm your table, but make sure the display has elements that catch the eye. Sparkly elements can attract the eye and make people want to learn more about your products. It’s also a good idea to use a decorated table cover to make the table decoration complete. Add a few marketing materials and promo gifts to the corners of the table to keep the table free of clutter and allowing your display to be the star of the (trade)show.

Make the Most of Your Booth Space

After you’ve designed the right table top display, maximize the rest of your trade show booth space. Make sure all the rest of your signage has clear graphics. Use banners or cardboard stands to display information about a new service or product.

These are just some of the ways that a table centerpiece can make your trade show exhibit more professional and attractive. The right colors and graphics, as well as the original technological features that you add to the table display could help you walk away from the trade show with new prospects that can turn into long-term customers.

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