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Storage Ideas For Your Next Trade Show

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Once you find the perfect items for your trade show display, you’ll need to come up with a plan to store all your trade show materialsafter you’ve wowed attendees with your services and products.

Here are some ways to storage your valuable trade show items so they’ll be intact for your next marketing event:

Trade Show Booth Storage

If you know that your next trade show will be at the same venue, you can talk to the venue about storing your booth items there. You’ll likely have to pay a fee on a monthly basis, and you’ll need to make sure that the environment is temperature controlled so your materials will remain intact.

Offsite Storage

You can also find a local storage facility to keep your trade show materials in between shows. Make sure that the storage unit won’t be too hot or too cold so that the colors on your banners and pop-ups won’t fade. A number of storage facilities offer discounted rates for the first few months, so if you need short-term storage, this may be a good idea.

Be sure to also ask about customized trade show storage. If you have different materials that you use for different shows, ask the venue if these items can be separated and organized in a way that will make it easy to find your materials quickly.

Professional Site Storage

If there is storage at the office building where your company is located, inquire about taking advantage of this. Your materials will be accessible when you need them, but your banners, tables, and stands won’t take up your office space. This is especially important when you have limited work space. If your trade show materials are at your office location, you can easily retrieve them when you need to get ready for another show.

Of course, you can always designate a room in your office space for your trade show items. Just make sure the room can be locked and temperature controlled so that your items will be safe during storage.

Once you decide which storage method will be best for you, be sure to ask about local drayage services. With drayage service, you can have your trade show booth items transported from the storage facility to the trade show venue. This service comes in handy when you have a hectic schedule and aren’t able to get the materials for your trade show from storage to the trade show site yourself.

It’s also best to make sure that you know how each item in your trade show display should be stored as well. Some items will need to be in a warmer room than others, and some items should be stored in a place where moisture doesn’t build up. You can get this information from the manufacturer of the trade show items, but it’s also important to read the labels and see that you’re caring for your banners and display accessories properly before and after storage.


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