Should Your Booth Have Feature Lighting?

There are several things you can do to make your trade show kiosks look their best, and the right lighting could be one of those things. Feature lighting has its benefits. But, there are times when it could be pricey or too extravagant depending on how your trade show booth is set up.

Booth Size

The size of your trade show booth should help you determine whether feature lighting is necessary. If you have a small table, one overhead light that brings attention to everything on the table is likely sufficient. You want attendees to be able to clearly see all your marketing items, but you don’t want the light to be so bright that it’s distracting. If you’ve got a lot of space to work with, a feature light or two can help to bring attention to your newest products and attract the attention of trade show attendees, even from far away.

Light Size

Consider the size of the actual lights as well. Think about the lights in proportion to your signage and banner stands. If the lights are bigger than these main items, they’re too large for your exhibit. If you have tiny lights that look more like a laser than ambient lighting once you point them toward the object you want to highlight, you should use bigger feature lighting. If you can find small lighting that brings attention to the most colorful or attractive items on the table, position the lights in a way that a soft glow covers the items and there isn’t a glare when looking at the objects from far away.

Feature Items

Choose the type of feature items that will show up well under lighting so you can get the best results. For instance, if you’re bringing a raffle machine or a prize wheel to the trade show, you probably don’t need feature lighting for this, since the items themselves are large enough for attendees to see clearly. However, if the best-selling item at your company is something small, such as an internal storage drive or a part that connects to a tablet or smartphone, you’ll need lighting bright enough to showcase the item and small enough to provide clear focus so attendees can see what the product is without having to bend over the table.

Type of Trade Show

Lastly, consider the type of trade show you’re attending. Is this a large event where you need to make sure you bring as much attention to your business as possible? Is the event local and filled with people who are already familiar with your business? This will help you determine the right lighting to bring. A spotlight that features colored bulbs that rotate or flash is a great idea if you’re in a large space and want to make sure attendees won’t pass your booth by. If you’re in a space where people are already familiar with your work, soft lighting is likely best, but the positioning of your most popular items should be in the center of your table, so they are easily noticed.

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