Should You Use Bright Colors for Your Exhibit?

When you’re picking out the right trade show accessories for your exhibit, it’s important to select items that will make your booth stand out without making the display too overwhelming. Bright colors can serve as an effective marketing tool, but you should use them in a way that comes out as both creative and professional. Here are some factors to consider when you’re thinking of vivid hues that could work for your trade show booth.


Trade Show Environment


Think about the type of trade show you’re attending when you’re coming up with design ideas for your portable exhibits and display stands. If the show is known for being conservative when it comes to color and décor, it may be best to stick with neutral shades and add a little color just to ensure your display isn’t too bland. For instance, using shades of light brown and beige can work well with a medium shade of blue or green just to give the booth more visual appeal without displaying too many bright hues.


Marketing Materials


Consider your table throws and other accessories and how they coordinate with your marketing materials. If your pamphlets and promo items are pretty bright in color and you want to guarantee you’re still coming across as professional at a traditional trade show, keep your accessories neutral. This is also a good idea if you’re going to change your marketing materials soon since you’ll already have accessories that will match with any color. Shades, such as gray, beige, and even light blue, can work well for trade show décor since these pair well with neon colors.


Color Messages


The colors you use send specific messages to attendees. So, if you’re using bright colors, make sure you’re giving off the right impression while trying to get the attention of potential customers. For instance, if you’re selling food or drinks, you may want to use vivid shades of orange in your exhibit display, since this color makes people hungry. If the products you’re selling are known for making life easier or making people happy, shades of yellow are ideal for your exhibit. Shades of blue, especially medium and dark blues, give attendees the impression your products are to be trusted and you’re an expert in your field. Bright green is ideal for products that are all-natural and designed to help people improve their health. Think about your color choices while decorating your booth, and how you want to bring attention to these colors by making them brighter in your exhibit.


Trade Show Booth Size


The size of your exhibit should also help you determine how to use bright colors. If you have a small booth, consider using neon or bright colors for the borders of tablecloths and banners. If you have more space to work with, you may want to make the entire table cover a bright color and use that as the feature piece for the exhibit, so you won’t use too much color and make the booth too overwhelming for attendees to look at for a long time. Balancing bright hues with neutral tones helps to make your exhibit look both fun and polished.

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