Should You Consider Adding Flooring to Your Booth?

If you’re still trying to find ways to complete the look of your trade show booth or need practical ways to update your exhibit, it’s a good idea to use trade show flooring. There are a few reasons why the flooring could add visual appeal to your booth; however, there are some things to keep in mind before you decide on flooring that will work for your company’s needs.


If you attend trade shows where there is limited space, trade show flooring may not be a good idea unless you get flooring that that can be adjusted based on the amount of booth space you have. Flooring can make your exhibit look more professional, and it’s also a great way to separate your trade show table from the exhibits around you. Choose flooring that you can piece together so you can remove pieces when you don’t have a lot of booth space to make your flooring choice more practical.


When you’re already decorating your trade show booths or counters with table throws and large signage, you may not need flooring. Think about the part of your trade show exhibit that usually draws the most attention, and focus on making sure this aspect of your display is always at its best. If you think flooring will make your overall exhibit more effective, it may be a good idea to find affordable flooring options that you can use in a number of trade show settings. For instance, flooring that is comfortable for attendees to walk on and can be adjusted depending on how much booth space you have is usually a good choice. If you want the flooring to be the main feature of the exhibit, choose faux wood flooring or flooring in a bright color that will attract attendees as they approach your booth.

Overall Look

Consider how the trade show flooring will make your entire trade show exhibit look. There are also ways that you can get a feel for how the flooring will look using virtual technology, so go with a company that will offer you computer-generated images to give you an accurate impression of how the flooring will improve the look of your display. If you don’t see a huge difference, it’s best to wait until you find flooring that inspires you creatively. Of course, if you can clearly see that flooring makes a huge difference in the professional look of your trade show booth, get the adjustable flooring that is just right for your company aesthetic.


Finally, consider the products that are used for the trade show flooring. If you want a more coordinated look for your booth, you may want to select flooring that matches your counters or brings out the colors in your signage. Be sure that you’re choosing flooring that is made of quality material, and choose soft varieties of flooring that are both sturdy and comfortable to walk on. Remember, you want attendees to have a great experience the entire time they visit your booth, and flooring is one of the ways to make sure that your exhibit gives a professional impression.

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