Should Kiosks Be a Part of Your Exhibit?

Organizing a trade show can be pretty hard work. It’s important to have a clear idea of how you want to present yourself at the show, which means you should exercise professional creativity when it comes to how your booth is designed. Kiosks are a great way to present your marketing materials and products and also could be a great solution if you’ll be attending a trade show where there is limited space. If you’re thinking about getting a kiosk for an upcoming trade show, consider these factors before making your final decision.


Trade Show Signage


Kiosks often give you the convenience of displaying your signage at the top of the kiosk, which can save you space and money if you don’t have space to display posters or banners or if you’re not using table throws. This is an efficient way to market your services and products and gives you more space to greet and interact with guests. The smaller your signage is, the brighter the colors you can use to draw attention to your booth without overwhelming the eyes of attendees.


Kiosk Shape


All kiosks don’t have to be square or rectangular in shape. If you have the space, a circular kiosk can help to make your booth more noticeable. The circle shape can also make it easier for guests to come to your booth and see everything you have to offer in just one glance. The shape also gives the impression that you’re inclusive and that you have several products and services that will benefit a variety of customers.




You may not need much lighting if you’re using kiosks instead of a traditional trade show booth, but it’s still important to ensure that your lighting is just as noticeable and impressive as the rest of your trade show presentation. The color of lighting can help to bring more attention to the items you’re showcasing. Lighting that has a yellow or orange tint tends to be warm and welcoming and can make it easier to see the intricate details of a product. Red lighting should be used sparingly because it’s hard on the eyes, but it does give the impression that what you have to offer is exciting and exclusive. Kiosk lighting that has a blue or green tinge sends the message that your products are among the best in the business; this color scheme can also signify that what you’re offering is made from natural ingredients. Also consider using small spotlights or overhead lighting that covers the majority of the area without too much of a glare.




Finally, kiosks may be the best option for your next trade show because they are often easier to assemble than larger booths or tables. Poles that attach to each other for easy dismantling and storage can eliminate the need for a labor team, which can make trade show preparation more affordable for your company.  Just be sure to get some tips from the kiosk material manufacturer when it comes to storage and maintenance, so that you can keep all the parts of the display looking like new for as long as possible.

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