Sending the Right Message with Your Trade Show Exhibit

Now that you have discovered the effective marketing tool that trade shows can be, you will want to make sure you’re giving customers the right impression with your exhibit and tabletop displays. Keep these important factors in mind when you want to send the right message at your next trade show.


The colors you use for your trade show counters make a big difference in the way people view your exhibit and your company. For instance, if red is one of the main colors in your logo and marketing materials, customers will get the impression you are passionate about your work. This can be a good thing, but just make sure that you don’t use too much of the color. Use variations of bright and muted reds so your signage will be easier to look at for long periods of time. Other colors, such as brown and blue, are hues that denote professionalism and make attendees feel as though they can trust you. You can pair these colors with neon or jewel tones to show your company’s creativity and still come across as reliable.


Shapes can also affect the way that attendees perceive your business and professional abilities. Geometric shapes are the images that people are most familiar with, and they denote structure and stability. Therefore, many companies often use squares or circles as part of their signage. However, you can get more creative and use organic shapes, such as inkblots or clouds, if you want attendees to get the impression that your business is both professional and whimsical. These shapes also work well if you have a company that sells environmentally friendly products or all-natural edible items.


Think about the size of your exhibit as well. A very large exhibit can be a bit intimidating to attendees if you are not utilizing all the space. If you are in a venue that isn’t large and you have a big trade show table, you may come across as too attention-hungry. Make sure the size of your exhibit matches the size and theme of the trade show, and leave room for other businesses that are setting up shop near you.


Finally, when attendees come to your kiosks, they should feel welcomed and have the assurance that you will give them pertinent information. This means you’ll have to choose a team of employees that are naturally friendly and have a wealth of knowledge about your products and services. You can also inspire attendees by having music at your booth that evokes a feeling of calm, or an audio commercial that provides information about your company. Remember, the way people feel when they approach your booth is sometimes a little more important than the marketing materials you provide. People are not likely to forget the way that your booth or exhibit made them feel, and they will use this to make decisions when it is time to buy the types of products and services you have to offer.

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