Selecting the Right Trade Show Furniture

An appealing trade show exhibit consists of compelling marketing messages, attractive colors, and furniture that fits with the design aesthetic of your business. Furniture should have a visual appeal but should also be functional, and there are a few things to consider when you’re looking for the furniture that will make your booth stand out.

Sitting Area

If you’ve got a lot to work with at your portable booth, you should have an area for attendees to sit and relax for a few minutes. This is a good idea if you’re doing a product demo or making free edible samples and want to explain the process to a small group of attendees at a time. The sitting area is also a great place to put a charging station so attendees can charge their mobile devices while they wait.

Tables and Counters

The counters and tables you use can also make a big difference in the way your overall trade show display looks. A large table is best if you’ve got large marketing materials or products to demo, and you have lots of trade show venue space to work with. A smaller table is best if the items you sell aren’t very large, or if your product is known for providing services instead of tangible items. You can further customize your table by painting it in the color(s) of your logo. If you’re not filling the table with promotional items, you can have a professional artist paint your logo in the center of the table and showcase the artwork as another way to increase brand recognition.


Even though flooring isn’t technically furniture, it can go well with your counters and make your entire trade show space especially welcoming. Synthetic wood varieties can make your tabletop displays look even more professional and can bring out the colors of your signage. You can also use a plush carpet or rug under your main table to bring more attention to your booth and give your entire exhibit a chic and luxurious feel.


Finally, don’t forget all your furniture will look a little better with the right lighting. Choose ambient lights that are positioned at the corners of the exhibit so your signage will be very clear even from a few feet away or use feature lighting that will bring attention to the inventory that appeals to attendees the most. It’s also a good idea to use colored bulbs that match with your logo colors. You can also select the lighting based on the type of impression you want to give. For instance, green lighting is ideal if you’re selling products that are all-natural or organic. Red lighting, on the other hand, can be effective if you’re promoting items that will help to keep families safe in emergencies or products that help to keep businesses organized since the hue denotes a sense of passion and urgency. The colors of the lighting should also coordinate with the rest of your decorations to make the entire exhibit look welcoming and polished.

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