Selecting the Right Graphics to Send to Your Trade Show Design Company

In any modern trade show, graphics rule the day. In every direction, you will find yourself surrounded by colorful, beautiful, eye-catching graphics that communicate company information, brand image, and often intriguing sales messages trying to lure visitors to the booth they belong to. In this crowded place, your ability to attract visitors depends on your ingenuity in selecting the right trade show signage and graphics.

Here are some suggestions on how to select the right graphics to send to your trade show design company.

  • Make sure the graphics exhibit your brand’s personality

In a crowded trade show where every brand is fiercely competing for attention, it’s your brand’s unique personality that makes your company stand out. A brand’s personality is the human character of the company it represents, such as honesty, friendliness, fairness, or commitment to customers. Why is this important? It is important because subconsciously people relate everything to themselves, including companies. A brand that is seen as more humane is seen in a more favorable light. People are more willing to embrace it. Take a good look at your graphics and discuss with your staff whether they show your brand’s personality and what the design company needs to do to enhance them, such as adding or changing color schemes, lighting, fonts, and other elements.

  • Select graphics of the right size

Size is an important consideration when selecting graphics for a trade show. Find out the exact dimensions of your booth and determine the space available for your graphics. Divide your graphics into the following three types: long-range, mid-range, and short-range. Long-range graphics are largely sized graphics that can be easily seen and understood from a distance of 100 feet or more. These graphics are typically used to display the brand’s mascot, logo, or star product. They are usually placed below the ceiling. Mid-range graphics can be easily seen and understood ten-fifty feet away. They are typically used to display the company’s products and services. They are usually positioned at or just above eye level. Short-range graphics can be seen and understood from one-ten feet away and are usually placed at eye level. They are used to display the brand’s messages. Thus, it is important to let the design company know which graphics goes where.

  • Choose graphics with good colors

When it comes to trade show graphics, color is indeed the king. Color plays such a crucial role that even the slightest error can spoil the mood or convey a different message from what is intended. Graphic artists often talk about color harmony, which means to arrange colors in a way that is pleasing to the eye and mind. While it is the design company’s job to ensure that your graphics have the right color schemes, you must also ensure that they use graphics with colors that can be easily manipulated.  Graphics with faded colors or colors that are too dark should go in the waste bin rather than to the design company.

Once you have chosen the graphics, you can leave the rest to the design company. It’s their job to create eye-catching and enticing trade show signage, banners and posters from the graphics you have provided.

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