Selecting the Perfect Table Throw for your Next Trade Show

When you are planning your kiosks for your next trade show, you want everything to match your theme. The idea is to create a trade show booth that is capable of intriguing consumers with the products and services you have to offer. The display you create should feel like an extension of your business, and that is when a great trade show display will come in handy.

A great trade show display will be able to capture the attention of all attendees while being clearly about the company and the brand. During the planning process, you want to choose table throws. Table throws are always a great idea to decorate your display while matching your theme. They help bring everything together and look cohesive. Here’s how to find the perfect table throw for your trade show design.

Choose a Color

When deciding on what colors you should integrate into your trade show booth table throw, always consider bold colors. Bold colors have always been able to attract people, and they walk towards these tones. This is exactly what you want when you are putting together your trade show table. The bold colors should be part of your theme, and they should look cohesive. It is key that the colors do not overpower your theme instead they should enhance your booth.

Customization is Good

If you have the ability to customize your table throw we recommend you do. Customizing it will be more expensive, but it will help with the identification of your brand. Consequently, you want to have all your table throws be a similar color or style to be cohesive. There are three different ways to customize your trade show booth table throw.

  • Firstly you can use a vinyl logo; this method is applied by using heat transfer. This is the most economical method. However, the problem is you will need to use the vinyl and colors that are available making it a bit less personal.
  • A second option is screen-printing, this method allows for beautiful designs and excellent color matches. The colors are also more vivid and bright when the table throw is printed in this way.
  • The third idea is dye sub printing This method is mostly used for those that need only a few table throws and prefer them to be quite simple.

All of these methods are an excellent way to achieve the customized table throws you need.

Your Main Stand Needs to be the Focus

If you do not wish to customize all of your table throws, you can always choose to make your main stand your focus. Doing so will make your main table the center of attention and will bring the attendees to speak to you about your products. If you decide to go down this route, you will need to ensure all the tables look unified. You can do this by creating matching colors or matching designs on all your tables that show that they are all a part of your brand.

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