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Outdoor Displays for an Upcoming Trade Show

Posted by Andrew Hong on

If your next trade show will be outdoors, you’ll have to find outdoor trade show displays that will withstand various weather conditions and showcase the right messages to potential customers. Finding the right stand also depends on how much display space you have, and the type of trade show you’re attending. These tips will help you select an outdoor display that will make a great first impression on people who could turn into customers.


Event Tent


A tent is a great idea if you’re looking for outdoor displays that attendees will be comfortable visiting during the spring and summer months. These tents can also double as banners, since you can display your logo, social media information and phone number on the awning of the tent. You can also use bright colors or designs like stripes and polka dots to bring more attention to the tent. Be sure to measure the tent before the show, so you know how many people will fit underneath it without crowding. It’s also a good idea to order the tent ahead of time and set it up outside so that you can position it in the ground properly, making sure the tent is sturdy before attendees visit your booth. Once you set up the tent, you can also put your table or podium underneath it to make sure you have enough room to comfortably seat attendees and display your marketing materials.


Flag Stands and Banners


Flags, when used in the place of professional banners, are trade show materials that can be useful if you’re attending an outdoor trade show, because they are less likely to fall over or fly away. You can place flag stands on either side of your trade show table or position a large flag stand on the side of your exhibit that is most visible to attendees. If you’ve only got a little space to work with, choose flags that are vivid in color, and make sure that the font on the flag banner is large enough to read from at least five or six feet away. You can also put different information on each flag stand so that people know how to get in touch with you after the trade show and where to find details about your most popular products.


Portable Signage


Signs that are portable and can easily be held during the trade show can help to get the attention of potential customers, as well. If you’re selling outdoor recreational items or office supplies that can be used outdoors, backpack signs are a great idea. These serve as billboards that attendees can see even while the team member wearing the sign is helping another customer. Of course, you can also use t-shirts or hats as a way to send marketing messages, and these clothing items are usually more appropriate for an outdoor setting. If your portable signs and banners have a creative edge to them, attendees are more likely to remember your company and contact you when they need your products or services.


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