New Trends In Trade Show Booths

When you want to be competitive in business, it’s a must that you keep up with the trends in your field and in corporate culture. The same is true for a trade show, especially if it is one of your main marketing tools. There are some new technologies and designs that will show attendees that you’ve been researching what’s trending and want to make sure that you’re at the forefront of the ever-changing business world.


Backlit Displays


The right lighting can make your trade show furniture and marketing materials look especially welcoming. Backlit displays also look modern and professional, and you can use the lighting to highlight items that you want to draw attention to. While the whole exhibit can benefit from backlighting, smaller spotlights can be used to showcase small devices or posters that provide details of your product’s best features. You can also use colored lights that coordinate with the colors of your logo to make your exhibit look more uniform.


Charging Stations


Charging stations are one of the best trade show trends. You can use counters or small tables to provide a place for people to recharge their electronic devices, and you’ll appeal to even more attendees if you have charging capabilities for both Apple and Android devices. Make the charging station more comfortable by offering seating and light refreshments, especially if your company sells edible items. While attendees are charging their phones, computers or tablets, you can display a brief commercial about your business that includes a history of your company and an explanation of how your products work. This way, attendees can ask more questions or make a purchase without feeling pressured.


Trade Show Flooring


Chic flooring for your exhibit is another trend you may want to consider. Flooring that looks similar to what you’d find in a home or business immediately makes your space look larger and more elaborately decorated. You can also arrange to have lights in the shape of your logo shine down onto the floor, or you can work with an exhibit team to have your logo painted on the flooring.


Interactive Features


When you give attendees the chance to take surveys or look at a product demo on their own, you may increase the chances that these people will purchase from your company at the trade show or in the future. Interactive demos and screens also allow attendees to see how your products work firsthand, which lessens intimidation and makes their experience at your trade show booth more memorable. You can also use interactive screens to enter attendees into contests and promotions, which is even more motivation for them to participate in your demos.


Using a combination of these trade show trends can also prompt attendees to use word-of-mouth marketing to let other potential consumers know what you have to offer. You can also live stream the trade show to showcase your booth design and charging station as a way to motivate more of your social media followers to become customers.

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