Materials To Bring To Compliment Your Booth

Now that you’ve chosen a trade show booth and decided on a design theme, you’ll need to know which materials to complement the booth. All the accents that you choose should be in keeping with your brand and should motivate attendees to learn more about your company and eventually become customers.

Here are a few materials that will make your trade show exhibit effective and appealing:

Portable Counters

A portable trade show counter is a great way add more space to your area while preventing clutter. The portable counter is ideal for displaying marketing materials, and you can stand behind it when you’re greeting attendees. The counter can help you to interact with customers in a more professional manner, and since you’ll be standing up, it may be easier for you to hear attendees in a busy trade show venue. Make sure that your portable counter has your logo and contact information on the front so that you can use the counter as an additional marketing tool as well.

Table Banners

While you likely have a tablecloth for your trade show booth, you can add more character to your exhibit with a table banner. A banner that features your logo and a close-up image of your product will make your table more appealing. This type of banner can also help you cut down on clutter, since you’ll want to make the logo clear for attendees to see. Banners can easily complement your booth if you use the same colors for your banner as you do for your pop-up or standing signs.

Hanging Signs

Signs that hang above your trade show table are also great marketing materials. The signs can serve as a creative way to show off your company’s colors and logo, and you’ll have free table and podium space to display promo items or allow customers to use your technological devices. Your main hanging sign should feature your logo and slogan, and you can feature smaller standing signs around your main table with customer testimonials or helpful tips and facts about your business. These things can complement your booth in terms of aesthetics, and serve as a practical way to let people know more about your business.

Promotional Items

Don’t forget to bring items to your trade show booth that will make people think twice between before leaving your exhibit. If you want to hold a raffle or drawing for customers, use a prize wheel or gum-ball machine to draw names or prizes from. You can also feature the names on a monitor at the front of your exhibit so that attendees can see if they’ve won a prize even while they’re at another booth at the trade show venue.

Small accents for your trade show booth, such as streamers, balloons and disco lights can also bring attention to your display. These items also let attendees know that your company is both fun and professional. You can also display your promo items such as hats, t-shirts and mugs in the center of the table to let people know they can take advantage of these gifts by visiting your booth.

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