Mastering the Art of Pop-Up Banners

The materials that are used for trade show booths and décor is ever evolving. There was once a time when you had to have a large, heavy display booth to showcase your services and products at a trade show. Now, there are lightweight and innovative products that you can incorporate into your trade show display to make it fun, exciting and professionally appealing.

Pop-up banners are a huge part of trade show design these days, and it’s important to make your banners look their best to effectively attract customers. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Booth Lighting

It’s important for pop-up banners and trade show booths to have separate lighting. This brings attention to your area and sends the message that your company is fun and exciting.

Trade show venues are known for having harsh lighting and high ceilings. If you provide your own pop-up banner lighting, the colors on the banner will pop and it will be easier for attendees to see the wording.

Be Colorful

Deep, rich colors and adequate lighting create a professional and creative pop-up banner. Dark backgrounds are best for the banners because they make the wording on the sign easier to read. Back lighting for the banners is another way to make this decorative element of your trade show booth much more noticeable. It’s a good idea to include a pop-up banner at your trade show booth with all your contact information, including social media pages, so that customers can connect with you after the trade show.

Durable Materials

Pop-up banners are made of long-lasting materials that will still look their best years after their first trade show display. While most banners have this quality, be sure to find displays with durable vinyl that will display bright colors and frames that are sturdy and weather-resistant. Chances are you’ll be spending the entire day (or most of it) at the trade show, and your portable pop-up display should remain intact for hours at a time.

The Lighter, The Better

Pop-up banners are great if you’re traveling out of town for trade shows. The banners are lightweight, which makes them easy to set up once you reach your destination. Since the banners are easy to transport, you can set two or three up around your trade show table to bring attention to all your company’s top services or products.

While pop-up banners don’t need many accessories near them if the actual banner is colorful, you can use your pop-up banner to make other marketing materials look more appealing. Position the banner near your pamphlets and business cards, or use it as signage near the kiosk where customers will take a survey rating your products and services.

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