Marketing Props that Make Your Booth Stand Out

Now that you’re gearing up to attend yet another trade show, chances are you’ve learned what it takes to make your booth more noticeable. Marketing props are a great way to make your trade show accessories look more appealing while enticing attendees and increasing the chances that potential customers will visit your booth. Here are some suggestions you can add to your trade show planning agenda.



A mascot is an ideal marketing prop if you have a product that has a fun or exciting spin on it. On the contrary, the mascot could make products that are necessary but mundane seem more appealing. You can also use a mascot to appeal to young consumers and prompt attendees to want to know more about what you have to offer. Just make sure the mascot costume matches the overall feel of the trade show. If the show has a more casual or engaging feel to it, you may want to get a full costume that looks just like the character you may use for your logos or branding. However, if your mascot is more abstract, you may want to ask a team member to wear marketing apparel, in addition to a hat, glasses or another costume prop. Have the team member stand in front of the main sign at your trade show booth to make your marketing area especially inviting.


Prize/Raffle Wheel

When you’re getting your trade show equipment together, try to find a prize wheel you can display next to the main table. You can allow attendees to spin the wheel after they provide their contact information. Be sure to offer a variety of prizes that will appeal to your demographic, such as a free item from your popular inventory to a gift card for practical items, such as gasoline or coffee. The more appealing the prizes are, the more likely you are to get attendees to participate.


“Celebrity” Appearances

While you may not be able to get a well-known celebrity to come to your trade show kiosks, you can arrange for a popular figure in your field to grace your booth. For instance, if you sell health and wellness products and want to invite a popular naturopathic doctor or chef to your booth, this could make your exhibit more exciting. Attendees who follow the work of your special guest will be more likely to visit the booth, take pictures, and get useful information they’ll remember long after the show.



Finally, don’t forget to use technology to your advantage to get people to come to your kiosks. Post a computer or tablet at your table with a camera so you can live stream the trade show. This gives attendees the chance to talk about your products in real time and provides information and entertainment for individuals who can’t attend the show in person. You can also use animation or music as part of your promotional appeal to get attendees to leave their contact information with you. This makes it much easier for you to follow up with these individuals and foster a positive relationship that could prove to be beneficial for your business.

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