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Making Your Trade Show Appearance Successful with a Small Staff

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If there’s a trade show coming to your city or area and you want to make sure your small business is represented, careful planning and a strategy for communicating with attendees could make the marketing event successful. If you don’t have a large staff to work with, there are still plenty of ways to ensure your trade show accessories are noticeable and make a lasting impression.

Social Media

Use social media to your advantage when you’re preparing for the trade show. If you’ve attended trade shows in the past, pictures and footage of your kiosks and trade show marketing materials can interest those who attend trade shows regularly looking for new business partners or companies to patronize. You can also announce the trade show on your social media pages and encourage your followers to visit your counter and learn more about all the new and innovative products your business has to offer. It may be best to designate one of your team members to connect with people on social media and to connect with other organizations in your industry to get information on new trends and marketing methods you may want to incorporate into your trade show plan.


Make sure you have trade show signage that is colorful and attractive. Your signs should say enough to get attendees interested enough to come to your booth but shouldn’t have so much information that potential customers don’t feel the need to visit your table. Colors, such as blue and green, can be especially appealing since they give attendees the impression you’re trustworthy and skilled in your profession. If you want to use hues or red, yellow or orange, make sure you use them as accent colors so they’re not too overwhelming on the eyes. Be sure all the wording on the sign is easy to read from several feet away and choose a font that has visual appeal but is easy to understand.

Customer Service

When people visit your trade show counters and interact with your team, they should feel welcome and informed. Customer service is one of the best ways to make sure you make a great impression both at the trade show and after the event is over. You can accomplish this no matter how small your team is, especially if you make sure one or two team members have the task of greeting each attendee who comes to your booth and answering customer questions in the most efficient way.


Don’t forget to follow up with each attendee by encouraging him or her to leave his or her contact information and send a short thank you e-mail a day or two after the trade show. Even if you have a small team, you can still make sure each attendee is contacted with an e-mail message that displays your company’s characteristics and overall mission. Be sure to include all your contact information in the e-mail, as well as discounts and promotions that potential customers can take advantage of, so you can keep the lines of communication open.


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