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Is There Such A Thing As Too Many Staff Members?

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Every business owner knows it takes a team to bring together a trade show exhibit, especially if you are creating a custom trade show booth from scratch with multiple display stands. Recently, however, many people have begun to wonder if there could be such a thing as too many staff members at a trade show exhibit. We have done our research and have found the most conclusive answer to this question.

Although it does take a large team with plenty of planning to put together the show, you can have too many staff members. You want to have a staff that is large enough to handle a large crowd of people but small enough to be collective. Companies who have an extensive amount of staff members at their trade show booth tend to look over-crowded, and even a little bit intimidating, to attendees.

Before selecting the trade show personnel that will accompany you to your trade show exhibit, you want to make sure you put together a well-planned training system. Your team needs to know what to say when talking to the attendees that approach your trade show kiosks. There should be a script they should memorize, one that is short and straightforward while giving visitors an accurate overview of your company.

The script should consist of an introduction and short overview of your business, followed by a one minute overview of what your company can do for them. After, there should be a couple of essential questions that the staff member should ask the visitor to evaluate if they are a strong prospect or not. If so, the team member should then go into detail about the product and services that your brand offers.

The staff members who encounter attendees should be friendly, lively, and should be able to engage visitors, making them want to join your client list. They should know what your objective and goals are by the end of the trade show. For this reason, selecting the right employee is essential when you are putting together your kiosk exhibition.

Your staff is the ultimate image of your company, so you want to ensure the employees you take with you to your trade show are well trained, and know just as much as you do about your company and products you have to offer. These individuals should sincerely believe in your product, have superior communication skills, excellent customer service skills, and full understanding of your brand as well as your goals. In other words, the staff that accompanies you is “the face of your company, ” and they should act as such.

When choosing the staff members that will accompany you to your next trade show exhibition, make sure they are the very best people you can have on your team, as there is such a thing as having too many staff members. For this motive, you want to fill your team with people that will benefit your brand and help bring awareness, as well as interested prospects, right on board.


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