Incentives for Trade Show Attendees

It’s important to make sure that your trade show materials provide some type of motivation for attendees to keep in touch with you after the trade show has ended. You want to leave a great impression, so here are some things to consider as you put together a marketing plan.


Your trade show equipment should be high quality and you should make sure that your exhibit setup is indicative of the quality of your products and services. For instance, if you have a company that sells organic or natural food products, samples are a great way to motivate attendees to come to your booth and learn more about your company. After tasting a sample, the attendee may even make a purchase. If you have a technology company, you should have a monitor set up so you can show a demo of the way your product works. This could have the same effect as a sample and could lead to sales. Of course, providing a discount on the services can also serve as an incentive for attendees and increase the chances they will tell others about what you have to offer.

Free Items

Most attendees are not going to pass up the chance to get a free service or product. Be sure that the items you offer are both appealing and affordable. Remember, you don’t want to spend more than you have to on your marketing budget, yet you want to be effective. If you are introducing a new product to the market, samples are a great way to get the opinion of potential customers. And, again, free items are a great way to accomplish your promotional goals. Place trade show signage on your table to let attendees know that you’re offering something for free, and have an easy setup in place for collecting leads so you can follow up with potential customers.

Brand Recognition

Give attendees marketing items that are appealing while increasing brand recognition. For instance, if you offer mouse pads, there’s a good chance that attendees will use one every time they’re on the computer, and will see your logo on a daily basis. The same is also true for coffee mugs since this is an item that customers will use often. Other functional items, such as hats or T-shirts can also make your logo a fixture in the minds of attendees, and these items also serve a daily purpose. When you offer products that attendees can see themselves using, they will be more likely to see your company’s items as beneficial.


Finally, don’t forget that partnerships with other businesses can also be appealing to your potential customers. If you are a food-service company and have a working relationship with local restaurants or coffee bars, offer a gift card from your business partner when an attendee makes a purchase from you or offers his or her contact information. This also shows that your business is concerned about the community and loves working with others to provide quality services and products to consumers.

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