How Visible Should Your Banners Really Be?

Any business that frequents trade shows knows that there are a few go-to types of trade show signage that are essential, such as a table throw, a backdrop, and, of course, standing banners. Because they can be placed near the front of your booth, banners are particularly useful in drawing in visitors and making a great first impression. However, how visible should they really be? How much is too much? There certainly is a delicate balance, and there are several considerations to keep in mind.

Making Your Trade Show Banner Stands Noticeable

There are two essential elements involved in a successful trade show banner: it needs to be eye-catching and it needs to be on-brand. In any exhibit hall, there are hundreds of exhibitors competing for the attention of the attendees. Clearly, your booth needs to stand out and catch the eye of visitors as they walk past. Make sure your design is unique, modern, attractive, and intriguing. You want visitors to take an interest in your company but also draw them in so they can get more information. It sounds simple. You should also use trade show banner stands that have their most interesting elements at eye level.

You don’t just want to shock people, you also need to make sure your banners are on-brand. One of the best tools to make your company memorable, not just at trade shows, but in the long term as well, is to create a cohesive brand with which your customers and colleagues can identify, and maintain this brand in every piece of marketing collateral you have – including trade show banners and your trade show backdrop.

Preventing Your Trade Show Banner Stands from Overpower Your Booth

Every booth has limited space that should be used wisely. You need to have room for your materials, as well as space to talk to customers. But, you also don’t want to look too cluttered. Depending on their angle and size, banner stands can take up a lot of space. To keep them from overpowering your booth, make sure they’re size-appropriate. For example, if you have a 10-x-10 booth, it might be excessive to have four banners that are each 3-feet wide. Remember, your trade show backdrop is another important piece of branding you’ve invested money in, and you don’t want to pile so many banners in front of it that it won’t be seen. Along with the size of your banners, placement is important as well. Overall, your trade show signage should be planned as a cohesive design, so every item is visible and complements your overall theme. That may mean the banners need to be placed along the sides or in the corners of your booth.

Trade show banner stands, if designed well, can be a crucial part of displaying your business professionally and effectively at any trade show. The above tips can help you maximize your banners and every other element of your booth for a truly successful trade show.

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