How to Prepare for Your First Trade Show

If you own a small business and have never presented your products or services at a trade show or convention before, the prospect of purchasing, assembling, and running a booth of your very own can seem daunting. After all, if you’ve never sold on the floor of a convention center, how do you think your sales people and employees will feel? Fortunately, you have Exhibit Wholesale, and we want to share some steps you can follow to help make the experience a positive one for yourself and your bottom line.

Set Your Budget

One of the first things you’ll want to do is learn about the cost for renting floor space and any entry fees associated with the trade show. Some conventions may require liability insurance, so prepare for that. Next, with help from Exhibit Wholesale, you’ll want to financially plan to assemble a properly sized exhibit that will best reflect your business’s style and service. For first-time trade show attendees, we usually recommend staying conservative in your exhibit and floor space purchases since you won’t know the full effect of your presentation until the show is over. At that time, depending on the connections you’ve made and the sales leads generated, you can determine your future trade show budget and build from there. You don’t want to overspend your first time.

Arrive Early and Learn About Your Space

If you’re even thinking of planning your first trade show, book your floor space early. We can’t stress this point enough. That way, you’ll have the pick of the best real estate in the location. Also, learn what comes standard with your space. You might think a pricey spot at a trade show would come with a table and a few chairs, but you might not be correct (and chairs are a MUST for you and staffers, especially at a multiple-day event).

Entice Potential Clients with a Message and Swag

One huge way to increase traffic to your booth is to offer your visitors something simply for checking you out. If you have magazines or literature of some kind, offer them on racks as free handouts. Customize some kind of small gift you can give out; water bottles with your company’s brand on the label, for example, is always a great idea considering the price of bottled water at conventions. Advertise on banners and your exhibit; let people recognize you immediately.

Whether you’re attending a trade show for the first time or the twentieth, you can rely on the professionals at Exhibit Wholesale to give you a portable exhibit that is guaranteed to boost your business. Contact us today for more information!

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