How to Motivate Attendees to Provide Contact Information

One of the main reasons for attending a trade show is to gain new leads for your business that can turn into long-term consumers. In order to pique the interest of potential customers, you’ll need to have an attractive trade show booth, innovative trade show solutions, and stellar customer service. These things can motivate attendees to give you their contact information, but there are also a few other factors you can incorporate into your trade show experience to make it a success.


Having a drawing or raffle at your trade show booth is a great way to motivate attendees to leave their contact information. This is especially true if the prize you’re offering is particularly attractive. For instance, if you offer monthly memberships, you can offer a free month for the person whose name you draw from the raffle. You can also provide a small prize for each person who enters the drawing, such as a small discount on future services. These types of incentives could help you get the leads you want so you’ll have a long list to choose from when you want to follow up with trade show attendees.

Social Media

Social media can also help you come up with trade show solutions that can get you more leads. Advertise your trade show serviceoptions on your social media sites long before the event and ask your followers if they will be attending the trade show. This is also a good time to let your followers know about new products and services that you’ll be demonstrating at the trade show. Inform your followers that the first 100 or 150 people who respond to your post about the trade show with their business information will get a coupon for future services.

Free Stuff

Offering free stuff is always a great way to get people to provide their contact information. Motivate potential customers by providing a free promotional item or a free service for a limited time. Having samples at your trade show booth can also attract people and make them curious about the great things you have to offer. If you provide a service that isn’t tangible, such as software or editing, you can provide free items like coffee or cookies to provide attendees with refreshments while you explain the value of your products.

Live Streaming

Another one of the trade show solutions you can provide is live streaming. This lets both attendees and those who aren’t at the trade show in person see what’s going on in real time. Live streaming also gives you a chance to showcase your trade show display and let team members talk to the “audience” about your trade show service offerings. Be sure to encourage attendees and those watching online to provide their contact details and comment on your social media pages during the live feed. This also gives you a chance to show viewers your great customer service skills and encourage them to continue interacting with you after the trade show is over.

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