How to Make Your Trade Show Banner Stand Out

The banner for your trade show display is a very important marketing tool. The banner lets customers know whether you’ve put time and effort into preparing for the trade show. The banner can also indicate how creative and professional your business is and lets trade show attendees know how much you care about attention to detail and making a great first impression.

Whether you’ve been to trade shows for years or you’re preparing to attend a trade show for the first time, these tips will ensure that your banner will get the attention of attendees.

Use Legible Font

Work with the events planner for the trade show to come up with a font that is just right for your banner. Choose a font that matches the characteristics of your business while being clear and legible for attendees. For instance, a cursive font that is easy on the eyes would likely be perfect if your business sells elegant items but you want to come across as relatable. A fun print that looks similar to a child’s handwriting is great if you’re selling educational items or toys that kids can use at home. Even if the font is visually appealing and colorful, you may turn customers off if they can’t immediately understand the words on your trade show banner. Your event coordinator can help you create a banner that shows off your style while still appealing to interested customers.

Get Colorful

Your event coordinator can work with you to suggest the right colors for your trade show banner. The coordinator will likely be more familiar with the trade show venue than you and can tell you which colors will stand out against certain venue walls and backdrops. Remember that colors send subconscious messages to people, so make sure you choose the right combination of hues to represent your business. For instance, if you want to send the message that your company takes a fair and balanced approach to business, you may want to use blue and orange since these hues are on opposite sides of the color wheel, which is why they look so great together. Green in any shade can be a symbol of growth and progress. However, lighter hues of green are less intimidating, while darker variations can indicate that your company is concerned about the environment and making a profit. A number of blue hues in your signage sends the message to attendees that you’re an expert in your field and can be trusted. If you’re selling edible items or kitchen supplies, it’s best to use orange for your signage since this color incites hunger.


Once you have the font and color scheme you want, finish your banner with the right lighting. The lighting will make the sign easier to see and could make your overall trade show presentation more attractive. Choose lighting colors that match the colors in the sign to make sure the sign looks its best. For instance, soft yellow lighting can make other warm colors like red and pink stand out. If your sign features lots of cool colors like purple or blue, lighting that has a silver or gray tinge is likely best. Talk to your events planner about the color schemes you’ve chosen so you can be paired with a professional lighting team that can get the job done right.

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