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How to Make Product Demos More Exciting

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If you have products that are easier to demo than explain, it is a good idea to include product demos at your next trade show. However, the demonstration must be exciting enough to keep the attention of attendees and make them want to buy products and services from you. Keep these tips in mind when you want to make your product demo an entertaining experience.

Trade Show Signage

If your signs are colorful and have great graphics, this could be the first step to getting attendees interested enough to even approach your booth. Just make sure that you maintain that interest in a demo that includes your most colorful products. You may also want to include feature lighting in your signage.  You can use this same effect when you’re explaining a product and allowing attendees to try out your inventory for themselves. Your signage can also be electronic. So, if you’re using a tablet or monitor, make sure that you allow attendees to make selections on the monitor that will take them to various screens to see your products in 3-D and complete the demo virtually.


The right music can make all the products at your kiosks stand out. Research the trade show to see which type of music would be best for the event. If you have a product demo in the form of an online video or commercial, choose music that will get the attention of customers quickly and keep them enthralled throughout the entire demonstration. Playing music around your booth even when you’re not doing a product demo can serve to get attendees to have fun at your booth and feel more comfortable when asking questions about the services you have to offer.

Team Members

The right team members can make a product demo more exciting as well. Choose employees who don’t have a problem talking to strangers and know how to make your products sound like the best items on the market. The demo will also be more enthralling when you make sure that you leave room for questions or allow for conversations with attendees while you’re demonstrating a product. The more attendees participate, the more likely they are to buy the product and to be satisfied with the results.

Free Stuff

People rarely turn down free stuff, so including this in your product demo is usually a smart move. If attendees enjoy the demo, offer a sample of the product or a promotional product just to say thank you. If you offer a service, such as data storage or movie streaming, you can get contact information from the attendees, so you can send a coupon code for free or discounted services.

Be sure to go over each part of the product demo with your team members so everyone knows which role he or she plays in the process. Don’t forget to ask attendees for feedback as well, in case you need to make changes to the way you do product demos in the future.


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