How to Make a Small Exhibit Work for You

If you’re going to a trade show with a small exhibit, there are plenty of ways to ensure your booth is just as appealing as larger trade show tables. The right counters, decorations, and features can cause attendees to take their focus off the size of your exhibit and concentrate on the quality of your products and services.


Team Members


Your team members can be your best asset when it comes to working with a small exhibit. Choose your friendliest employees to work the kiosks and to answer questions. If the counters you’re using for the trade show are decorated with quality materials, you’re likely to get the attention of attendees faster than you think. As long as you have a member of your team on staff who is not only congenial but also knowledgeable about the company, you could walk away from the trade show with a considerable amount of leads.




The right colors are also important when your exhibit is small. You can afford to decorate with brighter hues since you have limited space, so use this to your advantage. Shades of red and blue tend to get people’s attention quickly, since red is a color that signifies motivation and determination, and blue is a sign of reliability and honesty. You can also use neon colors in your décor, as long as they are accent colors because they can be difficult to look at for more than a few minutes.


Lighting and Flooring


Trade show flooring can make your booth appear larger and more polished. Hardwood or tile-like flooring makes the exhibit look more like an actual office space, and you can use lighting to bring more attention to the flooring and make the entire space welcoming. Lights that match your company’s décor are ideal, or you can use small spotlights to showcase your banners and display signs, so your entire exhibit looks more exciting.




Incorporating technology into a small trade show display can make attendees forget you’re not working with much space. Mount a tablet or small computer to kiosks to make it easier for attendees to see online product demos or enter contests for free or discounted prizes. If you have room for a small charging station, make this a part of your exhibit, as well. Trade shows are often very long, and people will need somewhere to conveniently charge their mobile devices or laptops, so use this to your advantage. Perform a product demo while everyone is waiting at the charging station.


It's also helpful to take pictures of your trade show exhibit, so you can tell if you need to rearrange the furniture or change the colors you’re using decorate the booth. You may also need to get counters of different sizes to make the most of the space and leave room for attendees to move freely while they’re at your trade show table. Trade show furniture that allows you to change the look of your booth easily is also a plus for small exhibits, particularly when you’re attending trade shows in various venues.

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