How to Find Success With a Small Trade Show Exhibit

There are many reasons why a business might put together a small trade show exhibit insteaed of something large and grand. Maybe you’re treading the waters of a particular trade show for the first time to examine its benefits to your bottom line, or maybe you’re a small business who wants to use this opportunity to find your first big sales opportunities. Exhibit Wholesale has helped businesses in dozens of industries design and assemble their trade show exhibits, and know a few things about how a small exhibit can stand out against the crowd.

It’s All In the Preparation

For small businesses looking to put together their first trade show exhibit, it stands to reason that budgets will be tight. It often falls upon the executives or the sales team to demonstrate how a trade show will benefit the company. These decisions should be made in the meeting room, not the conference floor. You must thoroughly understand what your customers are looking for, how your services or products stand out from the competition, and how the numbers (like sales cycles and product pricing) play out as much as possible beforehand. Then you can prepare an appropriate sales pitch for the attendees who will show up.

Finding the Right Venue

Not all trade shows are the same. In fact, choosing the venue is almost as important as how you choose to present yourself at the show. Some shows are very consumer-focused with many attendees that may or may not be receptive to callbacks, while other shows are industry-focused with industry influencers attending that might offer serious partnerships. While simply having an exhibit at the show may garner brand recognition, you can shift your focus depending on your ultimate purpose: some shows may be focused on attracting as many attendees to your exhibit as possible, while others can be built to work with pre-planned events and specific clients. You can even include private dinners in your budget for fostering the relationships that will mean the most to your company’s future.

Just because you plan on having a small trade show exhibit doesn’t mean you can’t have a large impact at the show and have a great ROI. Let the professionals at Exhibit Wholesale design and assemble the exhibit your business needs at a price that won’t hurt your wallet! Contact us today.

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